The following will help you prepare for and make important decisions about your photo shoot. Planning is a collaboration so please share your ideas on the questionnaire or email me so I can help bring your vision to life. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Please ARRIVE ON TIME! I usually have other tasks after sessions so late arrivals will not have time extended beyond the session end time. If you are more than 30 minutes late, session will be cancelled.



The better your prepare the more you’ll end up loving your final pictures. Start thinking about how you want your senior portraits to look. Get on google and pinterest and search ‘senior portraits’ for inspiration. Feel free to send me some of your ideas in advance so we can decide which ones will work best.


Choose colorful outfits that feel great on you and reflect your style and personality. Consider at least 3 outfits for the session (plus your cap and gown if you have it already):

  • Parent Pleaser
    This is the one you know mom and dad will love showing off for years to come. For a timeless look think a button down shirt/ blouse with jeans, or a dress. Add nice shoes and classic accessories. We can also put your cap and gown over this outfit if you have it.

  • Senior’s Choice
    This outfit says ‘you’. It’s your everyday most comfortable, but still best dressed self when you look into the mirror.

  • Activities
    Your activities make up a big part of your high school experience. Think uniforms, instruments, sports gear, etc. Bring a team jersey/t-shirt, choir robe, guitar, football, digital camera, band/dance/cheer uniform or whatever clothing and accessories highlight your school or ‘outside of school’ activity that you want to remember. Don’t have any activities? No worries, just bring another outfit you like!

  • TIPS:

    • Clothes should be clean, ironed, and well fitted (but not overly baggy or skin tight).

    • Undergarments (including bra straps/boxer shorts, etc.) should ‘not’ be noticeable.

    • Avoid outfits with busy patterns, stripes, logos, photos or wording. Solid bold colors work best outdoors. However, avoid fluorescent/neon colors.

    • Ladies, if you have a fuller figures, long sleeves and V-Neck tops work well.

    • Try on outfits beforehand to ensure they fit well and look great on you.

    • Pinterest is a great place to check for ideas.  Let me know if you need help or suggestions.


Props are an excellent way to personalize your session. If you have your graduation Cap n Gown, trophies, glitter, smoke bombs, balloons, bubbles, a favorite bicycle, instrument, sports gear, dance, cheer, sorority/fraternity uniforms, sunglasses, books, vintage suitcases, chalkboard, etc., please be sure to bring them for a unique look. Make sure you mention in your questionnaire so I can tailor these items to your session


Jewelry, scarves, jackets, headbands, hats, vests, cardigans or any clothing with layers or texture help add interest and dimension.


Consider having your hair professionally styled/cut. However we suggest not attempting ‘new’ styles that may leave you unhappy and unprepared.

Shaving should be done the night before to allow time for any redness to go away.


Consider having a light coat of makeup professionally applied. Just a little goes a long way to enhance your natural beauty and make your photos stand out especially outdoors. Wear a light coat of foundation ensuring the face and upper body are the same complexion. Lip gloss, mascara, and light blush will add glow to the face. Avoid glitter. Bring a hand towel for oily or sweaty skin.


As your hands (and possibly toes) will show in photos, please be sure they are clean and manicured with no chipping paint. Apply a final coat the day before.


If you plan to tan, please do so at least 3 days prior to the shoot to avoid redness and peeling skin.


Don’t worry about a few blemishes. Those will be removed during retouching. Scars, birthmarks, and severe acne will be slightly reduced but not removed. If you desire removal, please make me aware. If your acne is severe and concerns you, we do strongly suggest a coat of makeup to reduce the appearance.


If you do not have anti-glare glasses, please consider some photos with and without glasses.


Braces will not be removed from proofs. They can be removed from some prints upon request for a fee.


Most Seniors have never experienced a professional portrait session befores so it’s natural to feel a bit nervous and awkward when arriving to the session. Don’t worry; I’ll help you with how to stand/sit, where to put your hands, etc. If it makes your feel comfortable, bring along someone you trust like a friend who makes you laugh or even parent is advised to help you take the edge off.sit,

  • TIPS:

    • Bring makeup, hair styling tools, etc to freshen up before and during the shoot. Guys have chapstick on hand as chapped lips are impossible to edit.

    • Gather all of your items in one place the day before so they are ready.

    • Get plenty of sleep the night before to avoid tired eyes.

    • Arrive 5-10 minutes early for any last minute hair and clothing adjustments.

    • Moisturize the skin (lotion).

    • Bring visine if your eyes tend to redden.

    • Bring a pair of comfortable shoes for walking around at the location.

    • Drink water all week long as it will help your skin glow. Also bring water and a snack to the session to stay hydrated. (be sure to eat a meal before the session so you aren’t hungry).

    • Soft expressions are best. Try practicing in the mirror to get ready for your big day. This may feel silly but trust me, it prepares you! Otherwise, just have a positive attitude and be yourself and let's have some fun.



After your session, I will get to work, touching up your portraits spo they look the best. You will get to review your online gallery and choose your favorites as part of your package. Please allow 1-2 weeks for email notification that your online gallery is ready for viewing.


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture these precious moments in time for your family.  It truly means the world to me and I know your photographs will create unforgettable memories for generations to come.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to make our time together go smoothly.