Q.  What are your prices and accepted forms of payment?

A. You may find detailed pricing by clicking the appropriate link from our Pricing page.  I accept cash, major credit cards, and Paypal.

Q. How do I schedule a session?

A. You can use the form on the contact page to reach out to me initially.  Once we have agreed that you'd like to move forward with a session and discussed a date, you will pay your session fee and sign a service agreement to secure your appointment.

Q. Do you sell PRINT products?

A.  Yes, Lisa YVette Photography is a full service studio offering not only portrait sessions, but also a variety of popular print products. Please visit the Pricing page for a list of offered products.

Q. How much can I expect to spend?

A.  On average, custom portrait clients, spend anywhere from $500-$1300 for the session and products.

Q. Where will my session take place? 

A.  Newborns, sitters, and one year olds are best photographed in my studio, but we can also accommodate outdoor shooting if weather conditions allow.  Maternity, senior, and family sessions are best outdoors unless weather or allergy or other medical conditions require indoor. I have a variety of locations to choose all over Charlotte and the surrounding cities. I can travel to your preferred location (including your home for a newborn lifestyle session) if lighting conditions are appropriate for photography.  

Note: Travel fees apply for locations beyond 25 miles of our studio. Setup fee applies to in-home lifestyle newborn sessions.

Q. I would like an outdoor photo-shoot.  What happens if it rains on that day? 

A.  We simply reschedule for the next available date.  If it's overcast, however, we will continue with the session as cloudy days present some of the 'best light' for outdoor portrait photography.

Q. What happens if I need to reschedule? 

A.  I understand emergencies and illnesses can and do happen.  To avoid rescheduling fees, please give us 24 hours notice. I'll reschedule you to our next available date. Note:  We will only reschedule once for 'personal' reasons. 

Q. Instead of purchasing prints or products, can I just buy my digitals?

A. It's our goal for you to have beautiful, high quality portrait art displayed in your home. However, I recognize that times have changed and some of our clients prefer to purchase only high resolution digital negatives. Having the digitals make it easier to share online with friends and family as well as make reprints for gifting.  For this reason, high resolution digital files and a print release are included in nearly every print collection we sell. We also have a digital only package. Mini sessions come with digitals though it is a limited number. Note: We cannot and will not guarantee the quality of print work from consumer labs like Walmart, Costco, Snapfish, etc. This is why I have carefully selected my 'professional print labs' and offer a variety of products for your convenience and quality. 

Q. What do I wear to my session?  

A.  After booking a 'full session', we will have a phone or in person consultation to plan location, props, clothing, hair, makeup and other session preparation topics. We will discuss colors in your home and where you plan to display your photos.  I will also provide you with a portrait session guide to refer to at your leisure that reiterates what we discussed during the session planning. Pinterest is a great place for wardrobe and color inspiration for your specific session type. Some example searches you can do are maternity photography, newborn photographyhow to dress for a family photoshootRead what to expect from the LYP portrait experience. This page will give you a timeline of events.

Q. When should I schedule my Maternity or Newborn session?

A.  Maternity sessions are done during the 30-36th week when your belly is nice and round. However, do not wait until your 30th week to schedule. Space is limited. It is important to schedule your session as soon as you know you want to book so I can accommodate your date. I suggest scheduling your newborn session while you are still pregnant.  Newborn sessions that are scheduled during pregnancy will be tentatively scheduled on your due date. Once you give birth we will then firm up the date to take place between 5-14 days. This allows us to capture your baby while still 'sleepy and flexible' for those cute cuddly poses.

Q.  What time do you schedule your sessions?

A.  Most outdoor sessions typically take place 2 hours before sunset to take advantage of the best light of the day. Depending on the quality of light at the location, we may be able to schedule your outdoor session at an earlier time of day. Studio sessions (including newborns and babies) are best photographed early, usually around 9am or 10am.

Q.  Do you photograph events, groups, or headshots?

A.  Currently, I do not photograph events such as birthday parties, baby showers, etc.  I also do not photograph glamour shots, nor groups and teams such as small businesses, sports teams, cheerleading, dance, or pre-schools. However, I am well acquainted with many other local professional photographers who specialize in these areas and would be delighted to refer you.

Q.  What is the benefit of paying a professional photographer like Lisa Yvette for custom portraits?

A.  A 'good' camera does not make one a great photographer. Portrait Photography requires creative and technical skill. Professional photography involves continuous learning and shooting, as well as dedication to your business while delivering an excellent product and client service. Anyone can snap a picture on their mobile phone or on their 'fancy' camera and have the images from the SD card printed at a print lab of your choice for a few cents to dollars. Whether or not you are happy with the end result is a matter of taste. Also there a are a number of lightly experienced photographers who take 50 or more photos and just burn them to a CD or USB drive for a very cheap price.  To that I say "Quality will always override Quantity". It takes hours, sometimes days to delivery a quality artistic portrait.  Lisa Yvette has years of experience, industry knowledge, resources, and the creative eye to deliver artistic, hand retouched portraits that your family will enjoy for generations. Unlike amateurs and mall studios, Lisa Yvette delivers a one to one customized portrait creation experience, along with flexible times, locations and dedicated customer service.

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