At Lisa Yvette Photography, we want to ensure your family session is relaxed & fun!  We have therefore created this short guide to help you prepare. Please note that space is limited at peak times of during the year so it's important to schedule your session as soon as you know you want to book so we can accommodate your date.

The most important things for you to consider are clothing, makeup/hair styling, and location.  


I suggest no more than 2-3 outfits (2 max for large family groups of 6 or more).  This gives us time for photographing and changing. Long gone are the days of being matchy matchy, but coordination of styles and colors is key. Try choosing one item of clothing and build your color palette around that. Layers and textures add extra dimension to your portraits.  We suggest sticking to neutral or earth tones so that the focus remains on your family.  These tones are timeless and will typically work with every decor in your home. Avoid busy patterns and bright bold neon colors. Also avoid tank tops, excessively tight or baggy clothes.  Pinterest is a great place to check for ideas.  

Makeup and Hair:

Ladies, a light coat of 'natural looking' makeup will go a long way to enhance your features and help your face stand out in your photos. We suggest using a professional makeup artist and hair stylist to ensure your photos look their best. Men, should be well groomed as well. Let me know if you need suggestions on a makeup artist or hair stylist. Avoid tanning within 2 days of your session.


Family sessions are usually held outdoors, at a local park, garden, field, lake, or uptown.  But we can accommodate studio requests (generally due to allergies or extreme weather conditions on the day of your session).


1.  The whole family should have plenty of rest the night before your session (to avoid dark eye circles, tiring and irritability). 

2.  Remember for outdoors, you will not be in a stuffy studio.  I'd love for you to be yourselves and interact naturally with each other. Loosen up, laugh, crack jokes, hug each other to show love and warmth. Tickling the kids off guard or whispering sweet nothings in your spouse's ear goes a long way to producing natural looking expressions. Above all, don't take the pictures too seriously, just have fun. 

3.  For your little ones, let me help get them to smile.  Never force them.  It will have the opposite effect, every time.

4.  Ladies, bring your makeup bag and hair styling tools to freshen up your look in between clothing changes as needed. 

6.  Don't forget your wardrobe accessories:  earrings, necklaces, scarves, cardigans, blazer, etc.

7.  Moisturize your skin. Don't forget your elbows and hands. Vaseline, Shea butter, or Eucerin work great! Ensure nails are neat, clean and trimmed because they will show up well in your photos.  

8.  Clothing: Ensure your outfits are ironed/pressed as we cannot remove wrinkles during editing. Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in. Bring a long warm coat, heavy cardigan/jacket if your shoot day is in winter.

9.  If needed, bring a snack for little ones, but ensure the snacks contain no color dyes that will stain their clothes, hands, and faces at the session.

10. Be mindful of the following: new hairstyles that may turn out badly; new facial products that may irritate or breakout the skin; sun burns and tans that leave red marks and lines in your photos; wearing tight fitted undergarments that leave creases on the skin; red itchy/allergy eyes...please bring your visine.



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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture these precious moments in time for your family.  It truly means the world to me and I know your photographs will create unforgettable memories for generations to come. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to make our time together go smoothly.