(aka cake smash or first birthday session)



Planning should start ‘no less than 2 weeks in advance’ to ensure you and I can acquire all the coordinating clothes, cake, props, etc.

Please ARRIVE ON TIME at 10:00 am sharp! 30 minutes or more late will be cancelled. I usually have other tasks or sessions in the afternoon so late arrivals will not have time extended beyond the session end time.


Cake Smash Sessions last up to 1.5 hours in the studio. There is a half hour each for the dressy photos, smash photos, and bath photos, with a short break in between each for changing/cleanup. Note: The bath is completely optional, but if you decide against it, please remember bring a change of clothes, a washcloth, and plenty of wipes to clean your baby. It will likely get very messy with cake all over your child and you as well.

*Immediately, after the session is over, there is an appointment to review and choose your photos. This takes an additional 1 hour or less. As a reminder, balance payment for your package is due 1 day before your session. Payment for any additional items ordered at the review appointment such as albums, mini books, canvases, and prints are due the same day of the order. Please be sure to check your portal’s ‘links section’ for the full price guide ahead of time to have a general idea of what you may want to order. Albums are our most popular item.

I PROVIDE some or all of the following depending on what we plan:

  • Balloons or balloon garland

  • Cake. Styles are: drip cake, naked cake, giant cupcake, or ombre. (parents must provide cake if food allergies are a concern)

  • Cake Topper (I have #1 or word ‘one)

  • Cake Stand (white, gold, or wood)

  • Backdrop/Floordrop (preferably white or off white, but some other solid colors and printed designs are available)

  • Standing wood letters that spell ONE (white, gold, silver) or a single standing #1 (in variety of colors)

  • Tub and organic bubble bath (optional)

  • Confetti for the floor (optional)

  • Floral garland (optional)

  • Banner (optional) ( pennant flags, with or without the word one, no names)

  • Paper flower pom poms (optional)

  • Note on Style and Themes: My current style for smash and splash session is clean and classic without the use of themes and busy backdrops. See some examples here: SMASH SET EXAMPLES However, I can help with props for themed smashes that I have done in the past such as: Sesame street, Mr. Onederful, Mini Mouse, Baseball, Donut, French Country, Unicorn, Woodland, Princess, Prince/King, Superhero, Harry Potter.

    Parents who want a custom themed session type not listed above are more than welcomed to purchase and bring all of the themed items completing the set design to the session. I recommend searching Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and Pinterest. I can ask my baker to do your themed cake with a photo example and 2 weeks advance notice.


  • For the bath: Baby sized Washcloth + Drying Towel + bath toy from home.

  • 2 Outfits (one to be dressy & one to get messy) Email Lisa a picture of them about 2 weeks before the session. This will help me decide on a color scheme, choose/order props, and prepare the studio for your baby prior to arrival. Colors can be shades of white, grey, cream, pastel pink, lavender, blue, pastel yellow, pastel green, aqual. See some outfit ideas here: OUTFIT EXAMPLES


    Local: Marshall’s, Carter’s, Children’s Place, OshKosh B’Gosh, Justice, Fancy Pants

    Online: (order early): Harperllz, PatPat, Bailey’s Blossoms, Ruffles and Bowties, Etsy vendors for girls, Etsy vendors for boys

  • Dressy outfit: Girls typically wear dresses and boys wear a button down shirt with pants or shorts. Optional accessories consist of hair ribbons/headbands for girls, suspenders, bowtie, fedora hat for boys.

  • Smash outfit: Boys or girls can wear a custom onesie or simple solid color romper. Girls can opt for a tutu over a custom onesie. Boys can opt for no onesie, just suspenders with a diaper cover and bowtie.

  • Note: No busy patterns, printed animals/cartoons, or words on clothes. The goal is timeless portraits. I do have a few tutus and some other one year old clothing items in my studio wardrobe but you’ll need to ask me for photos.


  • I provide the cake from my baker and the style can be any one of the following: Drip cake, Giant Cupcake, Naked Cake, or Ombre Smooth Cake. I’ll need you to let me know which style of cake 2 weeks in advance of the session. See examples here: CAKE OPTIONS

  • If your child has food allergies, parents ‘must’ supply the cake, no exceptions. Guidelines are as follows: Vanilla cake only (no chocolate, red velvet, etc). Icing must be buttercream (fondant is too hard and whipped will melt). Icing must not contain dark pink, red, or blue as these will stain my studio floor props. I suggest Whole Foods, Publix, Harris Teeter or your favorite bakery.


  • Extra parents clothes (I promise, your baby WILL get YOU messy)

  • Clean clothes to take your baby home in

  • Sippy cup with water and/or your child’s bottle (your baby WILL get thirsty)

  • Baby Wipes for quick clean ups

  • If your baby use a small spoon at home, please bring it

  • Favorite toy. Music/Videos on your phone and your baby’s favorite small finger food go a long way to help

  • YOUR PATIENCE and LAUGHTER. We don't want you to force your baby to say cheese or smile/laugh as it will only make him/her upset. Please stay calm and allow your child to explore and have fun. We have puppets and tickle dusters to help.


  • A few days before the smash session, get a cupcake in same flavor and icing colors to help your baby get used to this new sweet taste and creamy texture. Doing this step will also give you a heads up if your child has allergies to ingredients that typically go in cake (eggs, milk, nut oils, soy, gluten/wheat). Please refer back to the allergy section of your contract regarding release of liability.

  • At the session your child will either dive in or may need a little help. This is where your child’s baby spoon or mom's hand may come in handy by smearing a bit of icing on the lips so your baby taste. Or you can try putting a favorite finger food on the cake to encourage your baby to go for it.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture these precious moments in time for your family.  It truly means the world to me and I know your photographs will create unforgettable memories for generations to come.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to make our time together go smoothly.

-Lisa Yvette


Charlotte_Pink_Gold_Cake_Smash1 copy.jpg
Charlotte_Pink_Gold_Cake_Smash copy.jpg