Steele Creek Maternity Photographer McDowell Nature Preserve

On December 27th, 2016, I received an email from a mom requesting a maternity shoot with her family.  She explained that she'd met me at a local salon (which was about 2 years earlier). I was surprised and pleased that she remembered me!  Anyway, we booked, planned the session, and my client had her and her family's outfits handmade for the occasion.  On the day of the shoot it was SO SO cold.  I was concerned about the well being of the children and my pregnant client.  Safety is a big deal for me and I didn't think it was wise for us to continue.  So we rescheduled for a week later praying that the forecasted warmer weather would hold up. Well, it did and we had one heck of fun winter session that went from outdoors to the studio. What I loved most was interacting with this family The children were absolutely adorable and so sweet.  Mom was simply stunning from head to toe and dad was clearly in love with them all.  I'm so excited to meet their new baby girl.

Here are a few images from my family/maternity session at McDowell Nature Preserve in Charlotte NC!